*Where is RNR Stables located?
  Conveniently located 25 miles from downtown Dallas.  Seven miles South of Denton and seven   
  miles North of Lewisville just one mile from Lake Lewisville.  One-mile West of I35E just off  
  Swisher road in Corinth Texas.

* Do campers need any prior experience to attend camps at RNR Stables?
  No! All learning programs at RNR Stables are based on a building block philosophy of 
  basic horsemanship and safety while building confidence and promoting fun with various games  
  and activities.

* How do you sign up for Camps at RNR Stables?
  By going to our RNR Stables web site and selecting the "Signup for Camps" Button OR by purchasing a Groupon and returning to this page to schedule.

* How old do children need to attend camp at RNR Stables?
  Campers must be at least 8 years of age.

* Do you teach Horsemanship Safety during your camps?
  Yes! all programs at RNR Stables are based on Safety first with a firm foundation of Basic     
  Horsemanship knowledge to ensure a solid understanding is established for all proceeding  
  activities and events.

* What days of the week are Summer Camps executed at RNR Stables?
  Monday thru Thursday each week.  Except for Holiday weeks.  All exceptions during Holiday weeks
  are clearly document on our Scheduling page and Registration forms.

* What time do the camp start and finish?
  All camps start at 9:00am daily and end at 5:00pm.

* What happens if your late for camp?
  There is no adverse consequence for being late to any RNR Stables camp.  Camp will began at 
  9:00am each day with existing campers, and, any late campers will be brought up to speed with  
  other campers upon their arrival.

* What options are available for campers to pay?
  RNR Stables, accept credit cards, check's, or cash and on-line payment as well.

* Why do campers need to reserve for camp spot?
  To insure their desire camp dates are reserved.

* Do campers need to bring their own lunch?
  Yes! RNR Stables staff and/or facility do NOT provide lunch.

* What should campers wear?
  We recommend boots and jeans.

* What do campers need to bring to camp each week?
  We recommend each camper bring with their lunch their favorite drinks and snacks.   
  Additionally, based on weather condition we recommend sun screen, hats, and, long sleeve 
  shirt if needed.

* Will the campers be given breaks throughout the day during daily camps?
  Yes! Breaks are taken at approximately 10:30am and 3:00pm daily with lunch at 12:30pm daily.

* Do campers need to bring their own helmet?
  No! RNR Stables has assorted selection of helmets for customer use.  However, we recommend        
  everyone who has their own Helmet to bring their own if possible.

* What is the instructor to camper ration camps?
  Five to one is the target ration.

* How much riding time do campers get during camps at RNR Stables?
  Fifty to sixty percent of each day campers will ride or be performing activities and/or exercises

* Do campers learn horsemanship activities such as grooming, saddling, feeding, & horse care?
  Yes! RNR Stables provide many other activities to enhance camper’s horsemanship knowledge. 

* Are the horses used for camp's at RNR Stables gentle and calm for beginner campers?
  Yes!  All horses used for riding programs at RNR Stables are carefully selected based on   
  temperament and calmness to support our confidence building philosophy and mission        

* Do campers follow a curriculum during camps at RNR Stables?
  Yes! At the beginning of each weekly camp, the structure and curriculum is outlined and discussed in a classroom setting to allow campers to get to know each other and ask questions.
* Can campers come to multiple weeks of camp?

* What do repeat campers learn by coming to multiple camps?
  As a result of our RNR Stables building block philosophy returning campers are exposed to    
  exercises and activities that reflect their confidence and ability based to demonstrate basic  
  horsemanship skills shared in previous camps.

* How much are Camps at RNR Stables?
  Our current Retail rate is $440.00 per week + 3.5% credit card processing fee.

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