Creating immediate interest for the western culture and Old West history our Old West Town has already played host to many photo and video shoots for High School pictures, Old West photo’s, and, family portraits. Our Old West Town has also been the featured set for several short film production’s such as the film shown below.

Old West Town

Few people realize that Denton County, established in 1857 was once the frontier of Texas, home to frequent indian raids until 1874. There were many farmers as well as ranchers and cowboys. Through most of the mid 1800′s it was home to a variety of cattlemen which attracted cattle rustlers, horse traders which attracted horse thieves and indian fights. Jesse Chisholm, one of the most well-known great cattleman of the 1800′s had a ranch in Denton County. Great trails from Texas through Indian Territory (Oklahoma) to Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North and South Dakota developed in order to drive cattle to meat packers and railheads where they could be shipped to major metropolitan centers primarily in the North and East. The Chisholm Trail, Goodnight-Loving Trail and Shawnee Trail are some of the major routes and many are considered important national historic landmarks. Many of these cattle drives passed through or near “Indian Territory” which was the official name for Oklahoma until it became a state 1907. Comanche and Kiowa Indians frequently crossed the border from Oklahoma into Texas to raid farms and steal livestock and some attached cattle drives as they moved north.

For nine years Texas struggled as a Republic, only to join the Union in 1845. Denton county was created out of Fannin County in 1846 about a year after Texas became a state. In 1861 Texas seceded from the Union to join the Confederate States but in 1861 Oklahoma to the north was still known as the Indian Territory. Many battles between the North and South, involving “Yankees” from Kansas and Nebraska fought the “Rebels” from Arkansas and Texas in Indian Territory while most of the major battle in Texas were fought along the southern borders near Louisiana and Mexico.

Corinth, Texas remained a small farming community only six miles south of Denton, Texas until the 1970′s and celebrates its 133rd Birthday in 2013. In order to help preserve and share this heritage RNR Stables has built a symbolic mock Old Western town storefront that plans to host “Wild West Showdown or Shoot-outs” as well as other related activities. It will be a great opportunity for people in the North Texas area to enjoy a new entertainment option that will be fun for the whole family as well as give children an appreciation for our history.